Anyone know anything about hashimoto's thyroidism symptoms?

Hashimoto's symptoms. Some common symptoms are: fatigue, hair loss, hoarse voice, slower speech, depressed, brittle nails, dry skin, feeling cold, constipation, weight gain...
Hypo and hyper... Hashimoto's thyroiditis is an autoimmune disease and can present with both hyperthyroid or hypothyroid phases. Most frequently patients have symptoms of weight gain, fatigue, paleness, joint/muscle pain, constipation, inability to get warm, hair loss, irregular menstruation, depression, and slow heart rate.

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I have hashimoto thyroidism, pituitary tumor, seizures, lesion on my brain and had multiple concussions. My calves are hurting bad what could this be?

Wow- a lot! This can either be as simple as muscular if you have had any changes in excercise or even trauma (fall, seizure). Or it can be neurological, neuropathic pain due to your comorbidities or even the brain lesion. Or vascular such as a DVT or blood clot in your veins. I would recommend that you get evaluated at your earliest convenience.

Hashimoto thyroidism, HGH bld pressure vitamin d sufficient, excess weight gain, feel tired all the time, would amphetamine boost my energy?

Yes, but. It would be potentially dangerous and possibly illegal depending upon the source of the amphetamines. Why put something in your body that is harmful and can potentially kill you? Also get off the armour thyroid, which is ground up pig tissue and have your doctor put you on brand name T4 replacement, which is better and safer.

I am a symptomatic euthyroid hashimoto's patient. What can I do to lessen symptoms since I do not receive thyroid medicine?

Treatment. The TSH goal in a confirmed hashimoto's patient is different than a normal person. In hashimoto's we would like TSH to be < 2. If your TSH is higher than this, it is ok to start treatment even though technically it is still in the normal range. Discuss this with your doctor.

My antithyroglubin level is 4674 while all other thyroid test are normal. Only symptom I have is fatigue. Does this mean I have hashimoto?

Yes. Hi, Thank you for your question. You do have Hashimoto's thyroiditis. You should be on a low dose of thyroid medications which might help your symptoms. Hope that helps. Contact me if you have any other questions :-) Dr. M.

My helathcare provider says that with graves I would have tachicardia. No tachicardia no graves. Is that true, because I have suddenly next to no TSH and hyperthyroid symptoms with hashimoto. Also inflamed thyroid like hashitoxicosis. Healthcare provider

Not necessarily. People with hyperthyroidism usually have tachycardia, but lack of this does not rule to hyperthyroidism. Hashimoto can go through hyper to normal to hypothyroidism. There are other blood tests to corroborate hyperthyroidism. Any lab result needs to interpreted in the clinical context and it would be prudent to discuss the results with your doctor.

Could anxiety and memory loss be caused by hashimoto' s thyrodism?

Hypothyroid. Low thyroid function can cause both emotional and cognitive issues, and indeed, doctors often consider low thyroid function in explaining memory loss in a new patient. The situation should stabilize once you have thyroid functions under control.
Encephalopathy. Anxiety and memory loss are probably related to hypothyroidism. There is something called "steroid-responsive or hashimotos encephalopathy". It is rare, and has severe symptoms. The relationship to hashimotos is not clear, but it may be some kind of autoimmune encephalopathy. If your symptoms progress, you may want to see a neurologist.