Will I be ok by myself the day after shoulder arthroscopy surgery?

Could be. Depends on how you function with your arm in a sling. You can give it a trial run before surgery. Any question best to have someone to call in case of emergency.
Possibly. You should ask your surgeon as it depends on the nature and extent of the procedure being performed.
Shoulder. You will be okay the day after. It really depends on how extensive the surgery is and how much pain you have.
Assistance. You would benefit from having help available the first several days after the arthroscopy. Depending on how much work is done on the shoulder the amount of pain may very from moderate to possibly marked.

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Undergoing a key hole surgery (shoulder arthroscopy) so what anestheisa?

Depends. Typically I recommend combination of general anesthesia with a regional block (inter scalene of supraclaviclar). Blocks do have risks, and these should be discussed with your anesthesiologist. However, there is very good evidence showing use of pre-op block lessens post-op pain.
Depends. Each surgeon and facility have their own preferred method of anesthesia. We utilize a brachial plexus block placed with ultrasound which is then supplemented with a light general anesthetic. This really helps patients with pain control for the first 2-3 days following surgery.
Combined. Usually a block to numb the arm and general anesthesia to protect your breathing.
See below. This is usually done under general anesthesia, with the possibility of a regional block to assist with post-operative pain.

I'm getting a key hole surgery (shoulder arthroscopy) this saturday. Very scared of anestheisa.?

From experience. The best anesthesia 4 shoulder is a scalene nerve block ; sedation with drugs that do not put u to sleep, but they with pain medication given keep u unaware of anything going on, ; last 8-12 hrs or more.

I'm getting a key hole surgery (shoulder arthroscopy) this saturday. I'm very scared of anestheisa. Can it hurt me?

Unlikely! For an otherwise healthy person, anesthesia is very low risk due to excellent monitors and safe drugs. Talk to your anesthesiologist about the type of anesthesia that is planned. This could be general anesthesia, or a nerve block. Just be sure not to eat or drink after midnight. Arthroscopy is well tolerated by most people. Best of luck!