What training is needed to do sports medicine in orthopedic surgery?

5yr + 1yr fellowship. Othropaedic residency traing is 5 years and includes a significant amount of sports medicine. Those physicians looking to focus more on that aspect of orthopaedics can do a one year fellowship in sports medicine, after they complete their residency.
Interest in athletes. And sports medicine is obviously key. Then 4 years of medical school and either orthopaedic surgery residency (5years) or family practice residency (3years) and then 1 year sports medicine fellowship. Ortho does surgery, family practice takes care of the whole athlete, non-surgical.
Sports medicine . Physicians can perform sports medicine as part of their practice. Some physicians, both surgical and non surgical, will undertake an additional year of training just in sports medicine that is called a fellowship. Depending on the focus of the fellowship your doctor might focus more on the surgery side or the prevention/rehabilitation side of sports medicine.
Sports medicine. Orthopedic surgery is 5-6 years, of which a significant amount of training is in sports. Some orthopedic doctors subspecialize or have a specific interest in sports.
4 yrs ortho 1-2 more. U complete ur ortho residency and 1-2 more in a fellow ship in sports ortho training via fellowship in sports medicine, depending how specialized u want 2 be in that field.
SPORTS MED TRAINING. Medical School (4yrs). Orthopedic Surgery Residency (5yrs); or primary care residencies (3-4yrs). Sports Medicine Fellowship (1-2yrs).