Can swaddling help babies sleep?

Yes. There perhaps is something about recreating that intrauterine environment which some infants find most comforting--swaddling. Neatly tucking a baby into a pea pod shaped bundle can provide security and warmth unlike anything else. So, once all snuggled in, sleep can not help but to come much more easily. Try it, you will like it...And so will baby!
Yes. Swaddling, or snugly wrapping your baby in a blanket, helps keep your baby warm and secure just like when he/she was inside the womb. Babies get to sleep and stay asleep and the wrap can help prevent your baby from throwing his/her arms up and being startled. Because it can be confining, do not use it if your baby is older than 1 month old.
As soon as workable. Swaddling helps babies who are spooked by the shaky random movements of their limbs. Wrapping gives them the comfort of the womb but needs to be loosened over time as baby adapts to the new freedom.By a month, you want to have baby in a onzie, on a firm mattress, in the crib with no blanket, pillow or other material. Excess bedding can entangle baby & lead to suffocation.
Yes. Young babies like to be swaddled when put down for sleeping. Be sure not to wrap babies too tightly (don't want to interfere with breathing).
Yes. Swaddling, or snuggly wrapping babies, is an ancient practice that has been shown to calm babies by lowering their heart rates and decreasing self-startling, thereby increasing sleep.
Yes. As has been mentioned it is an ancient practice to calm babies down, thinking that it somehow mimics the intrauterine environment. Remember that some babies love swaddling , but some do not. Let your baby tell what they like. If swaddling, do it safely with no risk of smothering. I do not believe that there is an age limit as to a baby being too old to swaddle.

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When should babies stop being swaddled? My 2m baby startles too much and wakes up but the swaddle allows her to sleep through the night.

Swaddling. When the baby can independently undo and release the swaddling. At this point, the blanket they are wrapped in becomes a hazard. I hope this helps. Read more...
As soon as possible. Swaddling works in a newborn who is so used to the confinement of the womb, that freedom of movement is frightening.However, as soon as they become used to free movement it should be stopped.We lose about 100 infants a year in the US to suffocation in bed linen/blankets/bumper accidents.You should wean the kid from swaddling as soon as possible. Read more...