What is the treatment for an 8 week old infant with a spiral fracture of the arm?

Thorough eval. This kind of fracture at this age requires a thorough evaluation. A history of the event if known that preceded detection of the injury.An evaluation of the setting wherein it occurred & a minimum set of x-rays over the all the long bones & ribs for other fractures.The orthopedist is a player in this event, but no more important than the team that covers the other issues.
Orthpedics. See a pediatric orthpedist asap.Probably a cast.

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If a 4 week old infant had sustained a spiral fracture what treatment is best?

Pediatric Ortho. Not knowing which bone was involved in this "spiral fracture", it would be best to have the infant evaluated and treated by a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon. They can provide you with information re the best treatment options. Read more...