What is the difference between a rotator cuff repair and acromnioplasty?

Shoulder. A rotator cuff repair is a fixation of a torn tendon. An acromioplasty is the shaving of a bone spur which maybe impinging on the rotator cuff. This also provides more room for the rotator cuff to function.
Different parts. An acromioplasty is when bone on the acromion, which is above the rotator cuff, is shaved down. This is typically done if there is a large bone spur coming off the acromion. The rotator cuff attaches to the humerus, and the muscles of the rotator cuff pull on the cuff to elevate the shoulder. If the cuff is torn, it is repaired back to the humerus.
Repair vs clean-up. A rotator cuff repair involves finding the torn end of the rotator cuff and securing it to the bone. An acromioplasty involves removing bone spurs from the acromion. Both procedures are commonly done together if the rotator cuff is torn. Inflamed and hypertrophic bursal tissue is also removed with both procedures.

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What is rotator cuff repair and acromnioplasty?

Short answer. A rotator cuff repair takes the torn tendon and reattaches it to the bone. An acromioplasty involves reshaping the shoulder blade bone above the shoulder to either create more space or to remove bone spurs. An acromioplasty is not always necessary or recommended. A better longer answer can be found here: http://orthoinfo. Aaos. Org/topic. Cfm? Topic=a00406.
Shoulder Surgeries. Both of these are shoulder surgical procedures. A rotator cuff repair is a procedure performed to re-attach or repair one or more of the four rotator cuff tendons of the shoulder. An acromioplasty is a procedure in which the undersurface of the acromion (a part of the scapula) is resected to minimize contact on the underlying rotator cuff. These procedures may be performed arthroscopically.
Surgery. Rotator cuff repair is simply the surgical repair of a torn rotator cuff tendon and acromioplasty refers to surgical removal of a portion of the acromion (an inferior prominence of the anterior acromion) to create more room for the rotator cuff.
Repair and remodel. Rotator cuff disease involves the tendon, bursa and bone. The final stage in the process is tearing of the rotator cuff tendon. In order to repair the tendon and prevent further damage, all three must be addressed. The inflamed bursa is removed to identify and mobilize the torn rotator cuff tendon, which is secured to the bone (repair) and excess bone/spurs are removed (acromioplasty).

What is rotator cuff repair vs. Acromnioplasty?

Two different things. Repair of the torn rotaotr cuff, to use sutures to close the gap in the torn cuff which could be done in three main ways. Generally, it implies removal of a small piece of the surface of the bone (acromion) that is in contact with a tendon causing, by friction, damage to the latter tissue.
Diagnosis? Learn more about this topic here: http://www. Theshouldercenter. Com/shoulderpain/2013/shoulder-surgery/spur-acromioplasty-impingement/ and http://theshouldercenter. Com/rotator-cuff-tear. Htm it's important to have a clear diagnosis and cause for your shoulder pain before considering surgery.