What is the role of herbs in treating jaundice?

Depends on cause. Jaundice is a symptom, not an illness, so the treatment depends on the cause. However, many different herbs can be useful in the treatment of jaundice. Work with your md to find the cause & work with a holistic md, naturopath &/or acupuncturist for guidance in choosing the herbs most appropriate for the cause. See http://www.Herbs2000.Com/disorders/jaundice.Htm for an overview of herbs & jaundice.
None. . Jaundice can be a sign of something very serious. Don't mess with herbs, you need to be seen by a doctor.
None. The only herbal supplement with any potential benefit is milk thistle. This has been used for years as an herbal liver aid. It has been studied as a potential adjunct in treatment of many liver diseases but has never been proven beneficial. It does not affect jaundice.