What causes a septic hip?

Infection. Usuallythis infection occurs by being spread from a blood infection, .
Infection. A septic hip refers to an infection inside the hip joint. Infections are most commonly caused by bacteria or viruses. A bacterial infection will require aggressive treatment- usually surgery and intravenous antibiotics for an extended period of time.

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Septic hip diagnosis, management?

Aspiration culture. To diagnose septic arthritis you need to be able to identify bacteria in the joint; in the early stages lavage of the joint and antibiotics can help; in the more advanced cases would need surgery. In children injury to the growth plate is something that is worrisome.
Septic hip. Septic joints need surgical drainage, cultures of the synovial fluid, and long term IV antibiotics.

Are some people more prone to getting septic hip?

Yes. If they already have artificial hardware, or infected heart valve or lower immune system such as taking steroids or having HIV or being on immunesuppresion for an organ transplant.

What is the definition or description of: Septic hip?

Hip joint infection. A septic hip is, by definition, an infected hip. The infection can be caused by a multitude of bacteria or other microbiologic entities. The joint can become infected directly via a wound that communicates with the hip, or the joint can be seeded via the blood supply and end up infecting the hip joint.

Do people with septic hip have a lot of pain?

Yes. This is an emergency--need culture, antibiotics, non weight bearing, etc.
Yes. As pressure builds in th hip the pain can be severe.