What can you tell me about the surgery subtalar arthrodesis?

Hindfoot fusion. A subtalar arthrodesis is a surgical procedure where the "subtalar" joint is fused. The subtalar joint is the joint between the talus and calcaneus in the hindfoot. Surgery is indicated for painful arthritis in this joint. An orthopaedic surgeon specializing in foot and ankle surgery can provide more detailed info.
Fuses hindfoot bones. Subtalar arthrodesis takes the joint/motion between the ankle bone (talus) and the heel bone(calcaneus) by fusing them (making them one bone). It is performed usually for arthritis or painful deformity. It normally takes about 10 weeks to heal. Some people are born with these bones fused (coalition)and are able to walk run etc. Without problem or then a tendency to sprain ankle due to stiffness, .

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