What are the different types of prostheses used in shoulder replacement surgery?

Hemi, Total, Reverse. There are three basic types of options for shoulder arthritis. The first is the hemiarthroplasty, where you just replace the ball of the shoulder. The second is the total shoulder arthroplasty, where you replace the ball and the socket. The third is the reverse shoulder arthroplasty and is used in certain situations of arthritis but without a working rotator cuff.
Shoulder prosthesis. Therre are 2 basic types of total shoulder replacements available, tsa and reverse tsa. Tsa is indicated for painful end-stage osteoarthritis which has failed conservative management. Reverse tsa is used primarily for end-stage arthritis associated with massive rotator cuff tear.
Similar. There are a variety of implant manufacturers that make shoulder replacements. In general, they are all very similar and they all have excellent results. There are also resurfacing options for younger patients with less severe disease and no deformity.