What are some stretches and exercises to help treat a stress fracture?

Non weightbearing. Non weight bearing activity such as light cycling, swimming and weight lifting (while sitting and lying down). Discuss with your doctor. Will probably be able to gradually increase stress as symptoms resolve. Non weight stretching to keep joints mobile and tendons flexible are helpful. May need to see pt. Dr l.

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Are there stretches and exercises to help a stress fracture?

Rest! Whlle stretching the surrounding musculature can be of benefit in maintaining flexibility during recovery from a stress fracture the best treatment for the injury is rest. In order to keep your overall fitness consider aerobic activities that are low impact and focus on areas of the body away from the injury.
Stress fracture. Don't overdo it. Rest is best, then progress to light stretching and range of motion exercises as tolerated.

How do you treat a stress fracture at the 4th toe?

Buddy tape. Most often these are treated by taping the toes together to limit movement. Taking the "stress" off the bone to allow it to heal is the goal. Unless of course it is the larger bone the metatarsal in which case am orthopedist is needed. Talk to your doctor before you try anything.
THAT'S DIFFERENT. A more unusual location. Anyway, I would WB in a surgical shoe to start. DON'T SMOKE!

How do I treat a stress fracture of the iliac (pelvis)?

ItWillTakeSomeTime. Avoid doing whatever caused it until it heals completely (unless you jumped out of a taxi cab going 60 mph on the highway).Avoid any motions that cause pain, if possible. Use Tylenol (acetaminophen) and/or Motrin for pain. If it hurts to lie down to sleep, try adjusting yourself with pillows and use a foam pad under the pelvic area. When you are able to work, talk to your boss about it. You may need frequent rests.

What is the best way to treat a stress fracture on your foot?

Depends. If a stress fracture is not displaced and is stable it can usually be immobilized with a splint, cast, or rigid walking boot depending on the location of the injury. Have you physician determine which course of treatment is best for you.

How can I treat a stress fracture without staying out of sports?

I have an idea. If you have a stress fracture of a metatarsal, you've be very foolish to bear weight on it in an athletic competition. This might be a great couple of weeks to cross-train as a swimmer.

How is a stress fracture treated?

Remove Stress. A stress fracture is an overuse injury of the bone, typically a long bone of the legs or a foot bone resulting from increased stress on the bone that caused tiny cracks to develop. If the overuse (running, vigorous training) continues a complete fracture can result. Treatment consists of eliminating the inciting stress, using braces or crutches until the bone recovers. Osteoporosis is also a risk.

Is it ok to exercise with a stress fracture?

Pool exercise. It is always best to train as an athlete every day and not as a patient rehabbing from an injury. There are many ways to modify exercise and strength training depending on injury. Exercise in the pool including swimming or deep water exercise with a suspension belt is a beneficial way to strengthen the trunk and improve conditioning in a non-weightbearing manner on a stress fracture.
Progressive return. There are usually ways to exercise without involving an injured body part. In the early stages of healing you should refrain from any stress on the injured area. As healing progresses you should resume exercise of the involved body part with low resistance/ low impact activities, and gradually progress. In many cases pain / swelling will guide the speed of your return to activity.
AVOID. Avoid higher impact exercises like running. A stress fracture can evolve into a complete fracture without protection.