If you have septic hip arthritis when you are a baby, will you have problems in the future?

Maybe. Depending on the degree of damage from the infection specifically cartilage destruction you may be at risk for development of artirits in the hip. If xrays remain normal with out evidence of arthritis or an uneven joint surface it is unlikely after a significant amount of time has passed.
Is there damage. If you have damage that cannot be healed you can have long-term consequences.

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What to do if I had septic hip arthritis when I was a baby, will I have problems in the future?

Septic arthritis. If you have a normal x-ray of hip at 44 years old and no pain related to your hip it is unlikely the previous septic arthritis as a child will cause a problem. Read more...

Would septic hip arthritis when I was a baby create any problems for me in the future?

Potentially. If the septic arthritis was appropriately treated the chances of long term problems are low. If you are experiencing any hip pain, x-rays and an evaluation by an orthopaedic surgeon should be able to address your concerns more completely. Read more...