Does breastfeeding affect jaundice?

Yes. Two types of association between jaundice and breast feeding exist. During first few days of life, jaundice in a breast fed is from dehydration, which can be prevented by early initiation and 8 to 12 breast feedings a day. Late jaundice in a breast fed baby is because of lipase enzymes, ranges between 5 to 10 mg and may last from 3 wks to 3 mos. It's not harmful. Suggest a total/direct bilirubin.

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My week old baby hasn't pooped in 4 days, he is breastfeeding and is jaundice, but his levels weren't high enough to go under light, should I be worr?

Normal for breast. No, because breast fed babies can have a stool with each feeding, go once a or day or can go as long as a week without stooling.
Normal I some. Your typical breast fed baby can have a little poo smear every feeding or one giant blowout every 7-10 days. If soft, I don't consider it constipation. As long as baby wets every 6 hours or more I would consider things within the range of normal.
M.D. visit. If you notice jaundice at day 7 of life, this may be related to breast feeding or retained meconium. Your pediatrician should follow up to determine whether lab testing is needed.

My doc. Says my 3 days old girl has signs of Jaundice & kept under some kind of blue light & breastfeeding. Bilirubin level is 16. should I worry?

Reason for jaundice? This would make the big difference. Since we know that physiologic jaundice will increase the total load up to day number 5 on a full term baby. It is a good idea to keep the baby until bilirubin stops climbing under phototherapy. If the baby is acting healthy and eating good and having good bowel movements as long as there is no blood incompatibility seriousness goes down.

What's a neonatal physiological jaundice? My doc. Says my 3 days old girl has signs of Jaundice & kept under some kind of blue light & breastfeeding.

Jaundice! I am somewhat confused. Physiologic jaundice is expected and doesn't require treatment. Peaks between 3-5 dats old and is <12.9 level. As a normal physiologic mechanism the fetal hemoglobin changes to adult hemoglobin after the baby start breathing. That blood destruction and formation releases the precursors of bilirubin the yellow pigment. Several pathologic conditions may increase it further as.

Can a pregnant mother with jaundice breast feed?

Hepatitis mothers. All infants born to HBV infected mothers should receive Hep B immunoglobin and first dose of hep B vaccine within 12 hrs of birth, The second dose at 1-2 months and the third dose at 6months. Breastfeeding is safe for Heb B and Hep C exposed mothers while they need to avoid cracking of the nipple and bleeding. You can discuss with your ob-gyn. Good luck.