If synovial fluid analysis shows "klebsiella species" is this really bad?

Not good. Iv the specimen was obtained sterile, you have a joint infection. Klebsiella can be drug resistant, but often is not. It is treatable, but you may be on antibiotics for 6-8 weeks.

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My synovial fluid analysis report has no infection from my knee after my operation.?

Good! Depending on which surgery you had, it is expected that you will experience swelling, redness, and pain in the knee. This will resolve with time, and physical therapy. If you feel feverish or sick, you may still have another source of infection to be worked up. See your doctor if you are concerned. See your doctor if you are experiencing excessive problems or have concerns.
Great! Thats good news although I am not sure what your question is.

What do you suggest if my synovial fluid analysis report has no infecting, but my WBC is 29, 000 from my knee after my operation.?

Ask the surgeon. A synovial WBC of 29k is not indicative of infection but other clinical factors like the appearance of the knee, fever, and degree of pain must also be considered.

Should you ask your doctor for synovial fluid analysis if you have chronic joint problems with multiple surgeries?

Likely not useful. Joint fluid analysis is of limited usefulness unless suspected having infection and/or gout, and maybe some rare rheumatologic conditions. Beyond these few conditions, there isn't much else that needs synovial fluid analysis. If you have had multiple joint surgeries, especially in same joint, I would expect that this is already done. Consult your doc. Good luck.