How to relieve shoulder pain from playing lacrosse?

Cuff strengthening. Lacrosse is an overhead sport. As a result, the rotator cuff is critical for play. A strengthening plan for the rotator cuff and periscapular muscles would be critical for best performance. Visiting with an athletic trainer or physical therapist would be best.
See doc. A thorough evaluatioin by a sports medicine specialist is a good start. If you have not sustained a direct injury it is likely that surgical intervention is not necesssry and a combination of physical therapy focused on restrengthening your rotator cuff and an anti-inflammatory medication can be helpful. May require some modifications in activity but a sports doc will help guide you.

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How can I relieve shoulder pain from playing lacrosse?

Evaluation needed. Shoulder pain can be caused by a variety of problems, so the 1st step is having an exam to find the causes. Common pain generators may be bursitis, tendinitis, rotator cuff tear, joint degeneration, or labral tear to name a small few. Evaluating shoulder and scapular mechanics is important in athletes & best done by physician trained in sports/msk. Should pain can be chronic is the cause not fixed. Read more...