How do you avoid getting infections during orthopedic surgery?

Skin prep&antibiotic. The body has many effective barriers to infection, but orthopaedic surgery can lead to infection. We clean the skin with antiseptic solution which kills bacterial and prevents bacterial growth. Some cases require IV antibiotics pre- operative. It's important to keep the incisions covered for a few day and then clean them regularly when uncoved.
here R a few. Check the infection rate 4 clean orthopedic procedures, also 4 ur surgeon. B cultured 4 MRSA ;treated pre op if +. Opps hit caps by accident. Shower daily 4 three days prior, do not shave area the nite b4 just because u think they may shave you in surgery. This is all b4 surg. In surgery it is up 2 the surgeon ; staff. Post i always uncover ; shower daily including wound, no bath. Cover if drains.