How do doctors identify the type of a shoulder injury?

Orthopedic surgeon. Orthopedic surgeons are the physician of choice for shoulder injuries. Their specialized surgical training allows them a unique ability to care for diseases and injuries not only of the shoulder but also all the bones of the body. Through careful examination and x-ray/mri/ct scans, shoulder as well as other joint problems can be identified and a treatment plan developed.
Clinical exam. A clinical examination with xrays, is the first step in diagnosing the problem. The doctor would then make a determination if further diagnostic studies are need, i.e. MRI, CT scan, etc.

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Round Lump at tip of shoulder blade after shoulder injury. Is that scar tissue? No pain when touched. Will it cause problem? See what type of doctor?

Shoulder. Depending on what part of the shoulder blade it is located on it could be some calcification that has developed after the contusion that occurred, probably the best person to see would be a orthopedic surgeon who could further evaluate this concern, they could possibly get x-rays if indicated or obtain an MRI to make sure this is nothing more then post from attic scar tissueor calcification. Good luck. Read more...