Can a synovial cyst be caused from a car accident?

Yes. A synovial cyst is a sac of fluid, which lines all tendons, muscles, ligaments, joints. Any type of trauma or inflammation to part of the musculoskeletal system can cause such a sac to form; very commonly, no known cause. May resolve on own, or be injected w cortisone after aspiration, may recur. May be true that in days of yore, they were smashed with a bible, but don't recommend this approach-).

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I have had a synovial cyst sense I was 19 now I am 57 could it be caused from lifting heavy projectiles in the millitary?

Possible. Joints have a capsule arounding then that hold slippery clear goo that acts like oil on a hinge. If the capsule is too weak or the weight on the joint is too heavy, or you used the joint too much, it could bulge into a cyst. However to blame it on a specific activity years ago is hard. Read more...

I am living with back pain since 2003. I have 2 synovial cyst which seems to move and cause a pain. What is the best option to get rid of such cysts?

Maybe not the cause. Facet joint synovial cysts are not uncommon. However, they may not be the cause of your symptoms. Generally, these cysts only are a problem when they cause nerve compression or stenosis. Then you will have sciatica or shooting pain down the leg. Otherwise, the cyst is just a consequence of osteoarthritis of the spine. If compressive, the cyst can be treated by injection or eventually surgery. Read more...