What autoimmune disorder has celiacs, gastroparesis, hypothyroidism?

connective tissue. Connective tissue disease: test for sjogren's (blood & sialogram) autoimmune thyroid, explore with your doctor : omeoprazole & Erythromycin & domperidone. Botox injections into pylorus muscle for stomach pain and nausea. Avoid raw veggies, grind food up when things are very bad. There does not need to be one primary autoimmune disorder.

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Long family history of autoimmune diseases. I have hypothyroidism and celiac disease. I've noticed new symptoms. Could I develop other autoimmunes?

You can but. Why worry about getting another disease? Focusing on your current conditions & findings ways to gain health and remain healthy will do your mind and body good. Celiac is associated many other conditions. At 19 years old, you should try to enjoy life, work on your dreams and let your doctors do the worrying for you. Going for your follow-ups and reporting new symptoms is the best thing you can do.