What antibiotic should I use to get rid of poisen oak rashes?

None. Poison oak rashes are a sterile skin reaction to the rhus oil from the plant. Steroid creams are sometimes helpful in speeding up resolution. When it is extensive an oral steroid is sometimes helpful. An OTC product called IVYDRY can help some cases.
Poison Ivy. Without proper treatment of topical and oral cortisone the rash of poison ivy can last for weeks. See your doctor for a prescription. Antibiotics do not treat poison ivy unless the rash is infected.
Mgt. An oatmeal bath solution eg Aveeno may help to remove the oil of the plant from the skin.
I would suggest a topic antibiotic if there is an area of infection which can occur secondary to scratching.
If there is worsening or signs of infection, please see your physician.

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