Is saliva transmitting aids virus while performing oral sex?

No. Hiv does not live in saliva. But you can contract HIV through oral sex from blood, semen, and other sexual fluids. Hiv through oral sex is transmitted from blood, sexual fluids or open sores in the genital area of one partner into the bloodstream of the second partner through an open sore or abrasion in the mouth. Find out the status of your partner and practice safer sex.
No. Never heard of it and saliva can't transmit the disease unless it has blood in it and even then it is unlikely.

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Can saliva transmit aids virus while performing oral sex, regardless giver or receiver?

No. You don't get HIV from saliva. In the uncommon cases of transmission through oral sex, infection occurs through contact of infected blood, semen or vaginal fluid with the gums or oral mucosa, typically when there is gum disease or sores. Read more...