Is aids still primarily a gay disease?

No. Despite the early description of the disease (grid) as primarily involving men who have sex with men in the United States, more than 80% of infections occur through heterosexual transmission, and over 50% of all hiv-infected people in the world are women. Mother to child remains a significant mode of transmission worldwide. (clin infect dis 2007; 44:981).
No. In Africa, it was always transmitted primarily among straights. In many communities, intravenous drug use is the main route. Anal intercourse is risky but the large majority of gay men do not do high risk stuff. It is practices, not orientation, that creates risk of course.
Not that simple. Gay & bisexual men are most at risk, but many factors are involved. See the following for more information: http://www. Cdc. Gov/hiv/statistics/basics/ataglance. Html.
Yes and no. It depends where you are. In most industrialized countries, including the US and all of western Europe, the large majority of both new HIV infections and currently infected people are men who have sex with men. In most of the world, though, the large majority of cases occur through heterosexual transmission. In all areas, a minority are acquired through shared drug injection equipment.
That's history. HIV got its first foothold in the United states in the late 70's when gay males were experiencing a new found freedom in the big cities and having sex with many different partners. No one knew the virus existed but the CDC actually backtracked it to a gay airline attendant who brought it into the country. Because it was their problem at first they learned to be safe 1st. Now its more universal.