Is hernia surgery painful?

Yes. Any surgery is painful. The type of surgery and what the surgery is performed for will all influence the amount of pain. Laparoscopic hernia surgery can be less painfull than open hermia surgery.
Temporarily. The pain from hernia surgery is dependent on the location of the hernia and the method of repair. Most hernia operations are performed as out-patient procedures, with people using narcotic pain medication for days rather than weeks. Most people can return to a desk job within 1-2 weeks.

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Is hernia surgery more painful in an adult than in a child?

Hard to tell. Most hernia operations in kids happen under the age of 2 when they are non verbal. How to test a relative pain index between the two is hard to conceptualize.
Yes. Yes possible, in children unlike adult hernia, no extensive dissection is needed, no graft is used, simple ligation of sac is done, will have less pain.

Painful skin on touch below scar after hernia surgery. Hurts only when touched. 4 weeks now. How much longer. Large hernia. Open procedure?

Skin scar tender. 59 F Notes/asks: Painful skin on touch below scar after hernia surgery. Hurts only when touched. 4 weeks now. How much longer. Large hernia. Open procedure? ANS: normal. Time will tell. No way to predict ask the Drs who did surgery what has been their experience in pts like U.

I had open inguial hernia surgery 4 years ago and lumb appeared 2months after near incesion surgon told it knot left after surgery painful&moving?

Possible hernia. Any surgery involving opening of the abdominal wall can lead to the formation of what is known as "incisional hernias". Although surgery was performed to correct an inguinal hernia, that hernia may have either recurred or an incisional hernia may have formed. Recommend seeing a doctor so a physical examination can be performed.
May have recurred. It sounds like the inguinal hernia you had reaired 4 years ago may have recurred. Go see the doctor to get it checked. Best wishes.

I have had Crohn's surgery and hernia surgery. Now I have very painful gas. Any idea why this is happening and/or what I should do?

Try anti-gas meds. I would try a simple anti-gas preparation that has simethicone in it. If this doesn't work, you should probably see your gastroenterologist managing your crohn's disease.
Depends. How long ago were your operations? What was the surgery for crohns's? If the surgery was recent, then gas pains are common and can be related to pain medication and the healing process. If the surgery was a longer time ago, then see your doctor or gastroenterologist for an examination. Postoperative scarring or recurrent crohn's disease can be possible.

I had a hernia surgery 2 yrs ago they used the mesh by my groin area. I have a tender lump below the mesh and it's a little painful?

Recurrent hernia. One thing I would be worried about is a recurrent hernia. The other possibility is an enlarged lymph node. A good physical exam with your doctor may be able to distinguish between the two, other wise you might need a ct scan or an ultrasound.
Surgeon check up. Have your surgeon check this. It could be a cyst, slight hernia. Retained suture, or early abscess or boil.

Umbilical Hernia surgery with local and sedation. How quickly does sedation wear off? Is recovery very painful? Similar to c section? Walk easily?

Umbilical hernia. Sedation usually wears off in a few hours depending on which local they used. The recovery is similar to C-section. Make sure to stay on top of the pain. Watch out for constipation. Start off with bland foods and work your way back to a normal diet. Drink plenty of fluids. Monitor for signs of infection (redness, pain, swelling, and fever). Hope this helps.

I had ventral hernia surgery on sept 7th. I get this contraction like feeling and stomach gets hard. It isn't painful but causes discomfort. Normal?

Most likey. It's only been a few days since your surgery and most people will have discomfort for a week or two after ventral hernia repair. Binder support helps sometimes. When is your scheduled postoperative check? Your surgeon is your best resource at this point - call if you have concerns.
Yes. Ventral hernia surgery often involves placing mesh to cover the defect. The mesh is secured by sutures and sometimes tacks that anchor it to the abdominal muscles. This will cause episodes of spasm in these muscles but this should resolve in a few weeks.
Probably. There are a variety of aches and pains after this type of operation. They are variably present and can last weeks to months after the operation. They are usually mild and self limiting. Trust your intuition though. If you think something is wrong, call your surgeon to check it out.