If you work in health care how do you deal with patients that have aids or hiv? What special precautions?

Universal precaution. All healthcare workers should be familiar with universal precautions. That is, treat every patient as though they are infected with HIV or hepatitis. If you obey that rule, then you don't have to take any special precautions. You always wear gloves when handling anything that could have body fluids on it, all sharps go in a sharp container regardless if it is from a newborn or a prostitute etc.

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How do health care professionals deal with patients that have aids or hiv? Do they have to wear thicker gloves?

Same as for non HIV . Patients with aids or hiv+ are treated the same by doctors as any other patient. We use universal precautions with all patients, so all blood is considered "possibly infected", whether its a newborn or a patient in a nursing home. For normal patient visits there is no need to wear gloves because you cannot "catch" HIV unless it gets in your bloodstream, which doesn't happen in an office setting. Read more...