I have skin allergy which is now spreading on my breast. Is this dangerous to my breasts?

Skin. This may be a dermatologic condition only. However, one type of breast cancer is called inflammatory & would have skin changes on the breast. See your doctor.

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What would cause petechia only occurring on the right side of the body, primarily the right arm and breast? Been on and off for months. No skin allergy

Trauma? Get blood tests for clotting factors, platelets and bleeding time if all negative, check side effect profile for meds you are taking check sleep position.

18 year-old female with past pseudotumor cerebri and shunt placement, but now has intractable daily headache, emotional lability, slow cognition.....?

See your Dr. With your history of a shunt and new onset of headaches, lability, and slow cognition, I would recommend that you be seen by a Dr as soon as possible. If you are unable to get hold of your Dr right away, then go to the ER.
Consider Histiocytosis. The endocrine problems combined with the elevated ICP warrant consideration of histiocytosis if that has not yet been considered. Is the nasopharyngeal prominence due to an identified lesion? Is the chronic sinusitis being treated? Although rare, CNS neurodegenerative symptoms and communicating hydrocephalus have been reported with LCH as have more common endocrine disorders. Http://jcn. Sagepub. Com/content/16/6/414.abstract.
Complicated. This is a very complicated case, and I don't feel the issue is pseudotumor by any means. In my experieince, pseudotumor that is not treated or suboptimally treated leads to visual loss, but not an encephalopathic pattern such as this patient. I am going to go out on a limb here and sat that she has some type of chronic meningoencephalitis. Normal MRI doesn't rule this out. Consider autoimmune work up, including ruling out sarcoid and sjogrens. Also, consider checking anti-thyroglobulin antibodies to rule out hashimotos encephalitis.
This is the wrong place for this case. HealthTap is the wrong place for this incredibly complicated case. I cannot help you with this patient who has thousands of pages of medical records looking at simply a summary of her very complex history. This is the kind of patient that needs thorough hands-on personal care with a multi-disciplinary team that is already being done for her with the current Neurologist, Neurosurgeon, and Neuro-endocrinologist. The different suggestions that is being offered by our good physicians on HealthTap may only confuse you more. Having said all this, let me try to answer your questions. LP with pressure of 19 is not pseudotumor because it is usually much higher. Peripheral visual loss is typically the kind of visual loss you get with high ICP. But the current symptoms sound more endocrine, i.e. pituitary than pseudotumor. Programmable valves do not reprogram themselves automatically. Wit the revision, you should have a completely functional system. I simply do not have any other diagnosis.
Shunt. If she has a shunt call her neurosurgeon, either way should be seen soon.
See neurologist. This needs to be re-evaluated by a neurologist again and soon.
STOP THIS. This person is best served by close association with neurologist and neurosurgeon. Management will be guided by close knowledge of the patient. Get off the internet.
There are always other diagnoses to consider. Her elevated opening pressure w/ LP, headache, vertigo, vision changes better w/diamox & shunt is likely psuedotumor but she then developes more than that. 1. Hormones & Pituitary issues can be from raised pressure flattening pituitary leading to poor funciton. 2. Meningitis can scar membrane around brainstem acting like cork preventing fluid from moving out of head causing increased pressure & worsens with inflammation. There are # inflammatory & infectious & rare but treatable conditions that cause inflammation of meningies and increased pressure. I recommend an evaluation at a teaching hospital or center of excellence. 3. Spontaneous orgasms and foul odar notices are mostly likely seizures even if EEG normal- consider 24hr+ EEG and treating epilepsy. 4. Treat sleep apnea. 5. Sinusitis: eval immune function and midline facial hypoplasia 6. NeGU - Never Give Up! Good Luck.
Evaluation. Pseudotumor is often associated with obesity and border line personality disorder. Shunts placed can cause low tension headaches. There can be overshunting and iatrogenic Arnold-Chiari syndrome (not with VP shunt). The shunt can fail. You need further evaluation to help you. Losing weight is very effective but patients usually don't.
Need to see. The neurologist / neurosurgeon today, your description warrants immediate examination and possibly an MRI, or go to ER, good luck.