I have a armpit rash. Does cortisone or lotrimin (clotrimazole) work best on getting rid of it?

Get it checked out. Avoid using a steroid like cortisone on your armpits because it can cause worsening or a different rash. See a doctor because there are many different causes and they are treated differently.

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Does cortisone, cortaid, (hydrocortisone) or lotrinim work best on getting rid of a armpit rash?

Depends. If armpit rash is caused by allergic/irritant contact, cortisone might help. If rash is yeast infection or caused by fungus, lotrimin (clotrimazole) would help. You may need to see a dermatologist to get idea what cause it, because wrong medication may make it worse. For example, if the rash is a fungal infection and you use cortisone, it would make it worse and spreading. Read more...

For my 6 years coming and going breast rash its back again for 3 months now creams like cortisone and lotrimin are not working should I be worried?

Maybe. If it is from yeast, it may be resistant to the active med in lotrimin and you will need to use something else. If it is from skin not breathing well, then elevating the breasts , keeping it dry, and powder to the underside of the breast help. Read more...