How long does it take to start feeling better after going completely gluten free if you have celiacs disease?

At least a month. Transitioning to being gluten free may take some time. The first few days, even weeks, you may feel pretty lousy. Even worse than before. For most people, but the end of the first month of being gluten free, symptoms are noticeable better. I would also suggest cutting sugar and other grains too if symptoms have not improved much.

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I'm bring tested for celiac disease I started my gluten free diet last night still feeling horrible after eating could this be another allery?

Depends. You may be reacting to other foods as well. Remember it can take 6 months or longer for a gluten damaged gut to heal. So one day may not show a difference.

Can you take tax deductions for gluten free food for people with celiac disease because it's a medical condition?

Not to my knowledge. You should certainly check with your accountant, however, my understanding is that the avoidance of certain foods (which is what a gluten-free diet is) does not qualify for a tax deduction. If there are medications or doctor's visits, these would qualify.

In celiac disease how much time does it take for the histopathoological changes to normalise once gluten free diet is started?

Usually. About 6 months. However, every person' body heals differently. It is reported about that it can take up to 2 years to normalize. But, if there is any exposure to gluten, the changes may still be persistent. It is helpful to monitor serum ttg antibody levels, once they normalize, rebiopsy on about 6 months. Repeat biopsies should continue to be read in the same lab so slides can be compared.

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and am trying to find out if my daily medications are gluten free. I take propranolol, Synthroid, (thyroxine) and Lactulose.?

Pharmacist. Your pharmacist would be an excellent source for this information. Good luck!!
Most likely. I am not aware of any drugs with gluten added intentionally. If anything, corn starch is more likely to be used. You can always contact the manufacturers if concerned but I think the likelihood of gluten in drugs is extremely low.

After an endoscopy and colonoscopy dr said he found scalloping that looked like celiac disease. Biopsy was negative. Should I go gluten free?

Celiac diagnosis. Try it! Biopsy is the most definitive way to diagnose celiac disease, but when it's negative it doesn't totally rule it out. The inflammation can be patchy, and a gluten-free diet before scoping can clear you up. Also, some are gluten intolerant without having the disease, and both groups feel better with the diet. It never hurts to try the diet. It's only critical to stick to the diet if proven.
Probably. Confirm by checking gluten genetics by enterolab. Tests costs about $150.

Just diagnosed with celiac disease. If I go gluten free will I lose weight?

Gluten free diet. A gluten free diet is a restrictive diet and many "junk foods" that are often high in calories must be avoided. In addition common staples such as pasta, bread and cereal also must be avoided (unless you can purchase them in gluten free form), consequently the person is likely to loose weight, unless you purchase all of these types of food gluten free form (which is more expensive)