How do you spread poison ivy all over your arms and legs, without intending to do so?

Thru resin. Poison ivy contains a resin called uroshiol which causes the allergic reaction upon contact with skin. This resin can be spread by one body part touching another and thru the clothes. Every body part in contact with poison ivy needs to be washed and all clothing needs to be washed without touching the skin or sealed away in plastic bag until they can be washed.

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My toddler has red bumps on her legs. She also has a few on her trunk and arms. These red bumps are spread out and are not bothering her. Poison ivy?

Patches or streaks ? Poison ivy tends to start as small blisters in patches or long streaks where the ivy plant comes in contact or a kids contaminated hand or fingers spread the antigen. The thick skin of the palm or finger pads tend not to break out but ivy juice under fingernails spread where a kid scratches. If you see individual bumps scattered around it is likely something else. Read more...

I was exposed to & developed rash on arms & legs from poison ivy a week ago. Today woke up w/ few raised bumps on upper lip - is it also poison ivy?

Possibly. it could be. if they look similar: red slightly raised with central blisters or bumps and it is very itchy it could be. good idea to go get it looked at. Read more...