How can I get rid of mouth blisters from braces? I tried putting the wax on the braces.

Tincture of Time. Yu'll get used to them. In the meantime: 1. Ask your orthodontic specialist to check your braces to make sure there are no annoying "stickers" that he/she can reshape for you. 2. Take 1 200mg ibuprofen/advil/motrin with food or lots of liquid 4x/day. 3. Rinse 3x/day with 1 tsp salt in 8oz warm water. Do not swallow. 4. Apply orthodontic wax to "sticker." 5. With q-tip dab orabase-b onto sore spot.
Salt water. Warm salt water rinses 2-3 times a day and use sugar free chewing gum which sticks better than wax.
Numbing agents. Dental wax and dental silicone can be tried. Otc products such as peroxyl mouth wash, zilactin-b, biotene mouth wash, colgate ora-base soothe-n-seal, ora-5, anbesol gel, orajel help with the painful canker sores caused by braces.