Does a high prolactin level in a child make you worry about a brain tumor?

High prolactin. It's a possibility but rare. Most slightly elevated prolactin levels in kids are due to stress of lab draw or lab error -- especially quest labs. Get lab repeated through labcorp sent to their reference lab in calif. Called esoterix. You may have to pay but you'll sleep better!
Pituitary tumor? If the child isn't on one of the medications that elevates prolactin and is otherwise healthy, the concern is a little pituitary tumor. These are quite common and I have a couple of physician-friends who have one; generally they are easy to manage medically though sometimes surgery is required. I wish you and the child luck and a straight road as you find the cause.

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Recent results of my prolactin level is 5265 mlu/l or248.51ng/ml. What cause of that...Is it due to brain tumor or it can be due to other reason?

Tumor. Level this high is most likely a pituitary tumor. You need a MRI of the pituitary. This is one that will respond to medication. Make sure you have an endocrinologist on your team to evaluate the whole axis. Read more...
Pituitary tumor. High levels of prolactin such as this are usually the result of a benign pituitary tumor, called an adenoma, which is making the hormone prolactin. Other causes are very uncommon. Lower levels of prolactin still above normal can be caused by other types of tumors which interfere with hypothalamic control of pituitary prolactin secretion; your levels are just above the usual threshold for that. Read more...