What should I do if I ate at a restaurant that had an outbreak of hepatitis a?

Part 3. In the US, the CDC guidelines were revised and now allow hepatitis A vaccine to be used in healthy people aged 1 to 40 years who have been exposed to hepatitis A infection.
Part 2. Postexposure prophylaxis with intramuscular immune globulin, without a delay for serologic testing, has been shown to be effective and has been the standard of care. [2] [16] [27].
Get tested. You may get tested for hepatiis a to see if you are immune already or if you had it before or if you just got it. Get the liver function tests to see whether or not you are having it. Hepatitis a may be asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic and only the blood test may confirm or discard the disease. Thisis probably not a time to get the vaccine that requires two dosis six months appart. See part 2.
Eat elsewhere. Hepatitis a usually has a mild, benign course. If you contract this you may want to have care for symptoms such as itching. It only rarely causes any serious symptoms or consequences.