Can mouth ulcers be the result of the flu or a morning sickness symptom?

Possibly. If the morning sickness is causing an acid condition in the mouth, this may affect the oral soft tissues, causing canker sores, especially if nutrition is suffering also. Add hormonal changes and stress and that may be the result. Stress from illness such as flu could also provoke this condition.
Yes and No. Many times mouth ulcers can be related to stress and immunosupression such as the flu or pregnancy. These can induce extra stress on the body which allows oportunistic lesions to manifest. So it may not be directly related to the flu or morning sickness, but it can come along with them.

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I was almost 7weeks pregnant and suffering from serious morning sickness and developed some mouth ulcers, are the ulcers caused by the morning sickness

Morning sickness. Is very common and there are treatment for it. See u pcp for evaluation.
Possibly. This can be caused by the acidity of the vomitus. Unisom, b6, and ginger are among the over the counter aids for morning sickness. If you're vomiting frequently, you'll need some prescription medications. Call your doctor--even if you haven't seen him/her for this pregnancy yet.

I have a sensitive mouth? I had mouth ulcers during the time I had flu and find my pallet and gums to be healed, but sensitive like the ulcers did

Change toothpaste. Some times tatar control toothpaste can cause gum sensitivity. Also try to avoid highly acidic foods until your mouth feels better.
Probably root sens. Probably roots of teeth are sensitive rather than gums which more likely would feel tender not sensitive to cold, sweets, acid like a tooth. Probable causes are - acid from your stomach from vomit or just escape of stomach gas without actually vomiting and also when you feel sick you are tired and typically do not take the best care of your teeth and eat healthy.

How to know if I have the flu or could it be merely morning sickness?

Flu vs Morning. Sickness. Flu symptoms may include: muscle aches & pains, a fever above 100 degrees, headache, congestion, weakness, chills, increased sweating and coughing. Morning sickness may present with nausea or vomiting.

My 3yr old has two sores inside her mouth on her gums, are they canker sores or mouth ulcers she's not sick or no fever is present.

Nonspecific sore. It is very likely that she has nonspecific mouth ulcer associated with viral illness. Canker sore is not common at this young age.
Canker sores/ herpes. It is most likely canker sores or herpes. If it is herpes (a dds would need to diagnose it), then a supplement called lysine is very effective and safe, but some what slow. Do not use lysine if child has phenylketonuria. There are also some anti-viral medications, but they are prescription. If canker sores, use a topical local anesthetic from the pharmacy.

Swollen uvula with tonsils and mouth ulcers. Cant eat. Sleep or speak. Fever and body pain?

See your doctor. There are many different conditions that can cause mouth ulcers that can be very painful. If you take your temperature by mouth it will be falsely elevated because of the inflammation from the ulcers. Bottom line is you need to see your doctor to determine the cause and get treatment.
MOUTH ULCERATION. Inflammation inside the mouth could be from mouth breathing. We are meant to breath through our noses. The air gets filtered, warmed and humidified before it touches the lining of the mouth and throat. Start simple, pay attention to how you breathe. Keep your mouth closed!

I have bumps on my hands, a large amount of mouth ulcers and an extremely sore nose. I do NOT have a fever. Muscles are sore. Any idea?

Mouth ulcers. The mouth ulcers are probably not related to the other symptoms. Bumps on the hands and mouth ulcers can be related if you have the condition pemphigus, but relatively rare. Go see your primary care physician. For the mouth ulcers, see your dentist or a periodontist.

I have mouth ulcers, some of my gums are inflammed, painful to swallow, swollen lymph node under my left chin, fever and headache. What could this be?

Primary herpes. You can have primary herpatic gingivostomatitis. It is self limiting lasting 7-10 days. A pahramacist can compound "magic mouthrinse".
See your MD. Without actually examining you, we can't properly diagnose your symptoms. You need to see a physician for a face to face clinical evaluation. The possibilities are too numerous to even list or adequately elaborate on in this type of forum, and would serve you no real benefit.
One cause. One cause would be primary herpetic gingivostomatitis. Very painful. Try OTC pain meds plus oral rinse (ask pharmacist. If symptoms persists beyond a few days, see MD.
Oral herpes HSV-1. a cluster of blisters on the lips, tongue, floor, or roof of the mouth accompanied by oral pain and irritation, sore throat, swollen gums and lips, headache, mild fever and enlarged glands. These symptoms may go away on their own without treatment in 1 to 2 weeks.

Have mouth ulcers, red bumps on hands and feet. Right ear is a little draining and 101.6 fever. My DR appt in two days. Should I go to ER or wait?

Call your doctor. Call your doctor and explain your symptoms to the doctor or his nurse or physicians assistant. They can advise you on what to do, or see you sooner.
Coxsackie Virus. Also called Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. The contagious disease is typically moderate, and nearly all patients recover in 7 to 14 days without any medical treatment. If concerned, see your GP for exam.