Anyone know of an effective insect repellant that does not contain deet?

Non DEET Ideas. Picardin has received increasing positive attention in the US (used in other countries x 20years. Picardin is especially good against flies. In the US, it probably missed out at first because we were using incorrect dosing. Picardin 20 is very good, doesn't melt plastic, not neuro toxic, no strong odor but has NOT been around as long as DEET. Picradin in US since 2005, in Europe since 1980's.
INSECT REPELLENTS. As far as natural repellents are concerned, plant-derived insect repellents yield short-lasting protection, lasting from a few minutes to as long as 2 hours. Examples are citronella, soybean and eucalyptus oils; of the 3, eucalyptus (pmd) works best. In a 6-hour field study, 20% pmd prevented bites as well as a 20% deet. Marketed products include repel oil of eucalyptus repellent, off! botanical, .
Pyrethrins effective. Pyrethrins are a naturally occuring & safe oranic compound which is biodegrable & break down when exposed to light. Probably the most effective non-deet containing insecticide. Produced from chrysanthemum flowers. Most of the most powerful pyrethrin flowers are imported from kenya, japan & croatia.