What is the difference between acute and chronic hepatitis b?

Time course. One has to have acute hepatitis b before it becomes chronic hepatitis b. Fifty percent of patients that have acute hepatitis b clear the virus in 1 years time. However, if after 1 year, the virus is still present, then it is considered to be chronic. There are no fda approved medications for acute hepatitis b, but there are several fda approved medications for chronic hepatitis b.
Hep B. Acute hepatitis b may or may not be symptomatic. About 90% of patients will recover and develop immunity to it. Unfortunately, 10% go on to develop chronic hepatitis b and be at risk to things like liver cirrhosis and cancer.

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What can I do if I'm suffering from chronic hepatitis b?

Hepatitis B. First thing you will want to do is to speak with your primary care provider who can refer you to the appropriate specialist (usually an infectious disease specialist). Several blood test will need to be done to determine if you need treatment. Not everyone needs to be treated right away. Read more...