Aloe vera gel - does help mouth blister or not?

Not enough science. There is currently an absence of high quality clinical trial evidence to support the use of aloe vera topical agents as treatments for mouth blisters.

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Can aloe vera gel help mouth blister?

Mouth Blisters. That would not be my first choice regardless of the type of blister. First the type of blister has to be determined, which in turn, will determine the best palliative or curative treatment. Read more...

I bit my lip a month ago and it became a blister, I have used gels like aloe vera but couldn't be able to get rid of it. What should I do?

See MD. 27 year old gentleman with a lip abrasion/laceration that has not healed over the course of a month, now with blister like appearance. Please see an MD. You may have a lip laceration that has become secondarily infected. The wound can be cleansed and irrigated, dead edges of skin can be removed and it can be drained, Tetanus vaccination updated and a short course of antibiotics to aid in healing. Read more...