Can I drink alcohol with diverticulitis?


Still on Antibiotic?

While there is no general prohibition against using alcohol when dealing with acute diverticulitis, common sense would suggest that it may not be the best idea. Furthermore, many antibiotics can be affected by alcohol intake, so I would be especially cautious if you are still on antibiotics.
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Diverticulitis Antibiotic Alcohol Ingestion

It best not to

Diverticulitis itself is not affected by alcohol however, many of the antibiotics used to treat diverticulitis may interact with alcohol making them less effective or causing severe nausea and vomiting. Avoiding alcohol for 1-2 weeks while being treated is not too big a sacrifice.
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There is no consensus on what diet is appropriate for a patient with diverticulosis/diverticulitis. Alcohol, in moderation, should not worsen diverticulitis, although active diverticulitis can be dangerous. Always seek evaluation if you have pain associated with diverticulitis.
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