I have firbroid my hubby & I have been trying to get pregnant for about a year. I think the firbroid have become bigger ad I have a bump. Though I feel sick at times and neasuea and my period is late I am confuse whether the firbroid is the cause of the

Fibroids. To answer your question needs more specifics. For symptoms even moderate size fibroids can cause feelings of pressure, bloating, fullness, maybe nausea. As for fertility it depends on teh size and location of the fibroid(s, ) as well as some other medical history. See a good obg or fertility specialist, or start with your regular doctor soon.
Fibroid or pregnancy. If your period is late, the first thing to do is rule out a pregnancy, especially with the symptoms you are having. If you are not pregnant, you might want to consider postponing your pregnancy. A large fibroid can cause problems with carrying a pregnancy. You might want to check with your OB about removing the fibroid before you get pregnant. If you are pregnant see your OB as soon as you can.