Us picked a spot on right liver lobe, NASH was confirmed w/o further test, just had a follow up us shows less conspicuous spot year later, am I ok?

NASH. Is a biopsy diagnosis, not an ultrasound diagnosis. I suspect you may actually have focal fatty infiltration of the liver, which may wax and wane. However, true NASH can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer, so I would pursue a liver biopsy and monitoring with repeated ultrasounds.
Probably. Any spot seen on an us which seems to disappear is likely benign /irrelevant. Fatty liver is often suggested by ultrasound but cannot be confirmed by such. Fatty liver is generally not described as a spot. If this was a suspicious lesion the radiologist would have likely recommended a ct or MRI to further characterize the spot. Hope this is helpful. Hard to say more without more info.