Can a vaginal yeast infection be transmitted sexually? And if so, are symptoms the same for males and females? Same treatment?

Possible but limited. Men can contact a yeast infection and it can irritate locally but since the environment is so different the infection usually does off on its own in a day or so. They dont usually require treatment. Uncircumcised men can have more trouble with an infection but I usually have their partner use the cream and be intimate to treat both parties.
Yeast infections. Vaginal yeast infections can be transmitted from female to male - usually in the males case, they are uncircumcised. Candida needs a damp, dark place to establish itself and circumcised males do not provide that opportunity. Symptoms include itchiness and white discharge. Treatment for the male involves an antifungal like nystatin/lotrimen ointment and good hygeine.

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Can I have a sexual life while I have vaginal yeast infection, using a condom?

Might be unpleasant. For your peace of mind. .. And your partner... Just get it check by your md. Easily treatable and cured! You might have dyspareunia or painful uncomfortable sex. .. Gets very awkward too! Regards and safe sex always!

Could you tell me what are some alternative treatments for a vaginal yeast infection?

Many. Otc: vaginal boric acid capsules. Certain foods: eg. Yogurt or acidophilus milk. Otc: butoconazole, clotrimazole, tioconazole, terconazole. Prescription: diflucan not sure what you used to treat your yeast infection. But the above are all treatments for yeast infection. They are all alternatives to each other or can often be used in conjuction if resistant to treatment.

Are there any home treatments for a vaginal yeast infection?

Yeast infection. There are a large number of over the counter products to treat a vaginal yeast infection. These are generally in cream or suppository form, and come in dosing for one-day, three-day, and seven-day courses of treatment. All courses are similarly successful in treating the condition.

I have a persistent, non-albicans vaginal yeast infection. I have been treated with itracanazole and boric acid. Are there any other treatments?

Candida. This depends entirely on the species of Candida and its potential sensitivity to antifungals. What is more, sometimes it may be difficult to eliminate Candida without co-treatment of your sexual partner. You must also be aware that difficulty in elimination of Candida may be a manifestation of immune deficiency. Have you been tested for HIV? See an infectious diseases expert. Good luck.

What are some treatments for vaginal yeast infection?

Most are rx. Oral or topical anti candidal medications. Most are prescripttion.