What type of foot doctor do I go to bring my daughter and son, whose feet are really flatfooted and I'm concern that it may cause severe abnormalities later on when they grow up. I went to some orthotics companies who prescribed them braces/insoles which

Review with your DR. Flat foot appearance in kids is common and may never bring symptoms in their lifetime. The transition through the teen years will give them a larger frame and muscle mass, requiring them to carry a relatively larger mass on their feet.At this point, symptoms may become evident & show the need for orthotics. I have seen little benefit over several decades in pretreating.
Podiatrist. Podiatrist or orthopedist specializing in foot and ankle. They will likely discuss with you both conservative and surgical treatment options. Depending on the deformity, there maybe a simple procedure where a tiny implant is placed in the foot to realign the foot and restore the arch.
Podiatrist. A podiatrist that will be able to assist you. We see and treat pediatric flat foot commonly. Some of us have special interest and training in pediatric conditions. Visit www.Acfap.Org for a list or www.Apma.Org or www.Acfas.Org.
A podiatrist! Podiatrists are specialists of the foot and ankle. We do surgery (bunions, hammertoes, ankle fractures, etc.), wound care for diabetics or trauma patients, treat athlete's foot and toenails fungus, ingrown toenails, tendinitis, sports injuries, birth defects or deformities, bracing and orthotics--just about anything affecting the foot or ankle.
Flat foot. The best choice is your podiatrist. We are trained in exactly this . Orthotics companies don't prescribe orthotics - only a ohysician can prescribe them. By narrowing your focus to your podiatrist they will help allay your confusion and guide you appropriately. Best of luck.
See below. Flat feet in young children up to age 3 are normal. Even in older children, flat feet seldom cause any serious problem.
Rx from your Doctor. Prescription for custom orthoces should be written by your doctor after having examined you.
May need orthotics. See a podiatrist for a recommendation on if orthotics could be right for you. If you want to try an over-the-coubter product first, try spenco total support. http://www.spenco.com/products/footcare/total-support-insoles insoles. All podiatrists are trained in this type of service, you don't necessarily need to find one who is board certified in surgery just for orthotics.
Foot surgeon. Go to www.Foophysicians.Com and find a board certified podiatric foot and ankle surgeon in your area. Then ask about their experience with kids.