Is pcos genetic? If not then what causes it/how do I treat it?

Yes and No. There are 2 types of pcos - genetic and acquired. Some women are born with this (genetic) while others aren't but create this disorder by poor lifestyle choice leading to weight gain, irregular periods, Insulin resistance, increased male hormones, and multicystic-appearing ovaries. The treatments are geared towards proper eating, exercise, and possibly meds. See a reproductive endocrinologist .
Not clear. It's not clear if there is a genetic derangement or not. Some key enzymes in the prod of the androgens are abnormal. It seems to be a genetic pattern. Another important factor in this condition is the obesity. Losing weight improves the fertility and it could avoid the patient to be diabetic. Small doses of metformin (a medication used for diabetes) can make the weight loss easier. Talk to ur phys.
Yes. 'yes' it is genetic, though lifestyle factors contribute to improving or worsening symptoms. The most important thing is a solid diagnosis before treating. Dietary changes with or without medicine can be helpful sometimes. There is a minor surgical procedure called ovarian diathermy that seems very helpful for selected patients, although not all experts agree about the pros and cons.