How long after back surgery can scar tissue cause pain?

Usually 3 months. Usually this is no longer than 3 months unless the scar tissue causes nerve entrapment or surgery resulted in the development of a neuroma which may require additional therapy. First try a trial of scar massage if permitted by your surgeon.
Scar can be painless. In the past we often said if a patient didn't get better it was from scar tissue. I personally feel that this is rare that scarring around the nerves causes pain but rather the pain is due to the initial damage to nerve and may made worse by manipulation at surgery.

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What are cures for chronic nerve pain caused by back surgery scar tissue pressing on the nerves. L4, l5, l5, s1?

If all other causes. Have been ruled out then time and medication can help along with various pain management techniques ranging from injections to a spinal cord stimulator.

What can you do to minimize internal scar tissue after back surgery?

Newer Biologics. In the past we had certain chemical materials to prevent scarring around the nerves. Ones own fat from the wound may in some cases help. There are newer biologics such as amniotic membrane that also can reduce scar formation.
Internal back pain. Have you tried ultra sound treatments as well as physical therapy.

Can internal scar tissue be removed that resulted from back surgery?

Yes. Internal scar tissue can be removed but there is a risk that it will grow back and perhaps be worse than before.
Scar tissue. It can. But more than likely new scar tissue and potentially worse scar tissue can form.

How to you treat scar tissue from a previous back surgery? Can it be surgically moved?

Internal or external. Internal scar tissue can cause pain that can lead to more surgery which can lead to more scar tissue. It can become a nightmare. An ugly external scar could be re excised or treated with a fractional resurfacing laser or both for cosmetic reasons. If the external scar is a keloid, then treatment is more complicated than just cutting it out.
Yes---BUT. Technically scar tissue removal following spinal surgery can be performed, but, have indepth discussion with your spinal surgeon. Regeneration of the scar tissue may occur to even a greater degree. There are new barriers to decrease scar tissue formation such as amniotic tissue called biodefense. Talk to your spinal surgeon. Get a second opinion.