What does it mean if my poop is green?

Normal. The stool color is provided by the bile from the liver that is adds to fecal debris.It starts out a deep green & slowly changes thru greens to yellows to browns as the germs in the intestines metabolize the bile.Green generally means the stool in question moved through faster or was subject to less change by gut germs.
Green Poop. Green stool or poop is a common stool color change. It may be due to bile pigment in the stool because diarrhea moves food too quickly thorough the intestine so the intestinal chemicals and bacteria can't break down the bile pigment to its normal brown color, or the green color may be due to certain foods like green, leafy vegetables or green food coloring.http://bit.ly/2DiozjG.
Something u ate. The colour of stool varies a lot depending on what we've eaten as well as what micro-organisms are living in our intestine. Sometimes it can be related to a upset stomach (you would also notice diarrhoea). In the absolute majority of cases it is not a hallmark of anything sinister.
Minor mystery. This may be fast-transit, with the bile pigments not having had time to turn brown. Or this may be a big spinach-based meal. Or sometimes it simply happens -- nobody knows why. If you're not having nasty diarrhea, it's harmless.
Purple. If you eat something purple, such as grape juice, it can cause your feces to be green.
Green foods or bile. Either green foods, or bile (digestive juices) which passes through the gut without getting used up or digested can cause a greenish color in your stool. If you are not having pain, diarrhea, or other difficulties, it is nothing to worry about.

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What does it mean if my poop is green?

Its Christmas!!! LOL. No really, it is usually some dietary change you have made, as long as the stool is fairly normal consistency - the color changes sometimes dramatically with changes in your diet. Should go back to normal in a day or two... As long as it is not black and tarry - that would be worrisome! have a great holiday! Read more...

What does it mean if my poop is green?

Either you ate. something that turned your stool green, or else you pooped out some extra bile acids in stool. Nothing to worry about, unless you are having diarrhea and abdominal pain-then it could be an infection. Read more...

What does it mean if my poop is green and very stinky but I haven't been eating a lot of greens?

Bile! The most common cause for "green" stools is plenty of bile being rleased. Certain foods and/or drugs will make this more frequent. Greens in one's diet are not the causes for green stools! Read more...

What does it mean if my poop is green and stinks and it floats I havent ate greens or nothing and its really dark green?

Foul smelling stool. It may be nothing serious, probably related to your diet.If this persists, get an evaluation for a stool test for ova and parasites as well as an evaluation for a digestive disorder. Avoid any new foods or over the counter supplements until this is resolved. Read more...