How do I get rid of itchy clear bumps on my fingers and toes?

Antifungal cream. Small blisters with fluid and itching could be a fungal infection. Try a antifungal cream that you can buy over the counter. If it does not clear it up see a podiatrist or dermatologist.
Clear bumps. Clear bumps on the fingers and toes are often a kind of eczema. The treatment might involve reducing exposure to certain allergens, making sure the skin is well moisturizer.
Itchy. It certainly sounds like a fungal infection. However, see your podiatrist or dermatologist for a definitive diagnosis.

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Hard . Hard to tell without a clinical examination but it sounds like you might have eczema, hand dermatitis, or possibly psoriasis. I would start with only using a very gentle hydrating cleanser such as cerave hydrating cleanser and then applying cerave cream a few times per day. If that doesn't help, visit a dermatologist who can talk about prescription options/possible allergy testing. Read more about skin allergy at the link below. I hope that helps. Read more...