What causes rectal itching?

Pruritis ani. Pruritis ani is an annoying itching, sometimes with burning, soreness, worse at night, in 1-5% of people (4x likelier in males). Treatment depends on causes: infection (fungal, parasitic, bacterial, std), local irritants (moisture, soaps, diet, drugs), dermatitis (psoriatic, atopic, seborrheic), cancer, hemorrhoids, fissures, fistulae, rectal prolapse, fecal contamination (diarrhea, incontinence).
Irritation. Many things can cause that. Keep yourself clean, and if not better, be seen for stool examination for parasites and other worms.

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What causes rectal itching? Hemroid cream does not help. Itching is on out edge of rectum.

There are several. causes such as increased moisture , pinworm infection, yeast infection, contact dermatitis, irritation from scents, dyes and softening agents in products such as soap and toilet paper. See your doctor. Read more...
Pruritus ani... ...is the fancy Latin name. That doesn't help much, just means itchy anus -- and you knew that! Everyone has it from time to time. Hygiene is often a problem; careful wiping after BMs may help. Wash well, keep the area dry (e.g. corn starch or talc), and try over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream. If no better in a few days, see MD to check for things like yeast infection, anal warts, hemorrhoids. Read more...