Can I take vitamins or probiotics while doing a body/colon cleanser? And how long should I use cleanser for? Mine says no more then 30days

The road to health.. ...does NOT lead through your rectum. Colon cleansing can cause vomiting, electrolyte imbalance, dehydration, jaundice & kidney failure. It was discredited a century ago. It may sound appealing but there is NO scientific evidence for it. Claims that toxins in your GI tract cause health problems eg arthritis, allergies, asthma are nonsense. Be skeptic, not a sucker.
What a waste! Healthtap physicians have repeatedly addressed this subject with a clear "no" answer to your question.There is virtually no value to colon flushes, cleansers, enemas, irrigation machines when the technique is accomplished to "detox" or eliminate "accumulated waste." the "no" response also applies to liver detoxes! there are few real health benefits, but sigificant unjustified risk. Don't "cleanse".
Yes. Why do have so little faith in your body?I really do not think "colon cleanser" is a good thing.Fasts(where you only drink water and don't eat) are very aggressive, and the most i'd recommend for 3-4 days max.
Cleans. Yes you can. Many cleanses protocols have supplements included, but it is ok to take more.