Why do I get blown effect in my stomach every time I eat fruits? Sometimes even diarrhea.

Fructose malabsorb. Fructose malabsorption can cause G.I. Symtoms every time you eat fruits. The usual symtoms are abdominal pain, gas, bloating and diarrhea. You do not have hereditary fructose intolerance (hfi) . People with hfi, a rare genetic disorder, lack an enzyme that breaks down fructose. This is serious disorder found @ infancy. You may have to avoid quantites of fruit, honey, table sugar, and sorbitol.
Build up tolerance. Fruit is rich in fiber, and fiber can cause you to have bloating. This is more common with suddenly increasing the amount of fiber in your diet (like fruit). As for the diarrhea, fiber also reduces the time it takes food to travel through the gut. To help: drink more water, exercise more, and eat fruit (or other fibrous foods) more often.