How long after having a baby can I get a tummy tuck & implants?

One year. It is best to give your abdomen a year to recuperate, and you should have stopped breast feeding at least three months before any breast surgery.
4-6 mos after nursin. I have heard of surgeons performing tummy tucks (witch hazel) at the time of delivery but this is a rare practice and certainly no one performing breast implants at that time. If you are nursing, it is generally advised that you wait from 4-6 months after completion of lactation to consider breast augmentation.
6 months. I advise that you wait 6 months for the postpartum changes in your breasts and tummy to resolve. Additionally, you should have finished with any breast feeding for 3 months.
3 months. Usually i recommend that women be done having children before getting a tummy tuck. Beyond that, i recommend waiting at least 3 months after finishing breast feeding and when your weight has stabilized before any body contouring procedures.
Depends. It really depends on whether you are breast feeding, how much weight you've gained during your pregnancy, and how much you've since lost. For the most part, i wouldn't even think about it for a year after your baby is born. I think being a mother is so stressful and demands so much from you that you need to let your body heal and you need to have time with your child. Enjoy your child then ...
Best after few month. Pregnancy causes significant changes to your body and it needs time to "get back to normal" after delivery. It is best to waite until you are back to your baseline health/shape before proceeding with elective surgeries. You should discuss the pros/cons of any surgery with your surgeon--ask lots of questions. Congrats on new baby and good luck.