What is the treatment for an anaphylactic reaction to tree nuts like pecans?

Epinephrine, 911. People with nut allergy should always have an Epinephrine auto-injector and be versed in its indications and usage. Epinephrine is the first line treatment for anaphylaxis and its use in the field should always be followed by evaluation in an emergency room. Studies have repeatedly shown that delayed administration of Epinephrine is the number one predictor for bad outcomes in anaphylaxis.
Epinephrine. The best treatment for an anaphylactic reaction to tree nuts would be injectable epinephrine.

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What is the onset time of an anaphylactic reaction to nuts? I am allergic to tree nuts and ate peanut butter 3 hours ago and feel itchy and tingling.

In minutes. Most nut reactions occur within minutes although it may rarely be as late as 2 hrs. Delayed reaction can happen from 2-8 hrs later but usually preceded by the immediate reaction and is uncommon. You may consider consulting an allergist since your reaction is not typical. Have you eaten or drunk anything else after having eaten peanut butter? Read more...