How do you deal with someone who is truly narcissistic?

Narcissistic people. As a therapist, i try to empathize with their suffering, build trust, and gradually help them see how their patterns of treating others interfere with their relationships & enjoyment of life. This is tedious, long-term work. As a friend/ family member, I do not offer advice unless asked, as i know how sensitive they are to that. I try to be present, while caring for myself also.
Set limits. Narcissism is a real anomaly! understand that no matter how much you give, it will never be enough for the narcissist. You need to think of your own needs and set limits. The next step is sticking to them firmly, as the narcissist will not like it and will try to bully them. Never confront a narcissist directly. It will lead to conflict and you will only end up feeling guilty.
Narcissism. This is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, depending on symptom severity. One can find oneself worn down by the narcissist's put-downs, slights, self-aggrandizement, entitlement and how the narcissist objectifies them.